Negative Effects of Cigarettes

Negative Effects of Cigarettes

negative effect of cigarettes

The negative effects of cigarettes, is already beginning to feel at the time a new person began to smoke cigarettes. In a burning cigarette smoke because it sucked, imperfect burning tobacco that produces CO (carbon mono-oxide), which besides their own smoke, tar and nikotine (which occurs also from the burning tobacco) is inhaled into the airway.

CO, Tar, and Nicotine affects the nerve that causes:
- Nervous, shaky hands (tremor)
- Taste / decreased appetite
- Pregnant mothers who smoke may be the possibility of miscarriage abortion

Tar and Smoke
Tar and cigarette smoke stimulates airway, and is buried in the tar that caused disaluran:
- Cough-cough or shortness of breath
- Tar stuck in the airway can cause cancer of the airways,
tongue or lips

Nicotine stimulates the rise of the hormone adrenaline that causes the kidneys children:
- Heart palpitations
- Increased blood pressure and cholesterol levels in the blood,
come close to the heart attack

Gas CO (Carbon Mono Oxide)
CO gas was also negatively affect the airway of blood vessels.
Carbon mono-oxide is more easily bound to hemoglobin than oxygen
Therefore, the blood of people who possessed a lot of CO, will decrease the power angkutnya for oxygen and people can die due to carbon mono-oxide poisoning. In a smoker is not going to happen CO poisoning, but the influence of CO is inhaled by the smoker with little by little, slowly but surely be a negative effect on the airway and the blood vessels.
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